3 Self-Care Tips for the Busy Woman

As women, we oftentimes get caught up in taking care of everything and everyone else — that we neglect our own well-being.

When I find myself being too busy to accomplish my goals or to pamper myself, I take that as my cue to refocus and plan some “me-time“.

Today, I want to challenge you to take some time for yourself! Whatever you have been putting off because of being afraid or “too” busy, I want to dare you to go ahead and do it!

If you’re not sure how, I’ll list a few tips!Because, sometimes, we need to be reminded of how to “care” for ourselves..

So let’s go! Grab a pen and paper or screenshot these three tips!

  • Start your day off with prayer/devotion
  • Can I be honest with you? Prayer really does work! I haven’t always been the one to “Seek” God First. In fact, my mornings usually went a little like this: get up in the middle of the night/morning, check my phone, go back to sleep, wake up, check my phone, listen to music, say a quick prayer, read or listen to the Bible, and then do whatever I needed to do. Many times, I have failed to ask God to lead and guide me with my decisions and I absolutely regret it. I believe, if I had done so, I would have made less hasty decisions and pointless purchases. Lol. Thankfully, this time around, I’m doing a better job of acknowledging God in my ways, because I want him to direct my path [see Proverbs 3:5-6]. I believe if you do the same, if you’re not already doing so, you’ll see a shift. Oh and experience less stress! Ahh. It works, sis! Just pray over your day and watch God move!
  • Next I’d say, Write down your daily plans.

I know for some women this may seem like common sense; but if you’re like me, you may struggle with actually writing down your plans. Maybe, it’s because you feel like it’ll take too much of the little time you do have, you won’t look at it anyway, or you feel like you have great memory and can just keep your list stored up in your head. Well, whatever your reason may be, I want to challenge you to just try writing your to-do-list out on paper– but this time, actually scheduling something that YOU want to do. You know — something that will relax your mind or maybe even excite you. I’ll let you be the judge of that!

  • Lastly, find a hobby!

Yes sis, you read that correctly. Find a hobby. Find something that you enjoy doing besides taking care of everybody else and do it! Schedule that into your little calendar/ schedule and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be for hours, but it should be long enough for you to breathe and to release some of the tenseness.

“But sis, I don’t know what I like to do!”

Okay. I get it. Sis, your life is a little boring because all you do is: go to church, work/school, and go home.

If you’re the artistic type – how about going to one of these stores: Hobby Lobby/Michael’s/ Target /Walmart and purchasing paint to create your own artwork, a crochet needle to knit, buying jewelry pieces to make your own jewelry, or making scrapbooks. There are many videos on YouTube for beginners.

If you’re trying to get in shape – Check out my fitness post, buy some fitness gear, go to a park and walk/jog/run, join a marathon, find a fitness group near you or create one.

If you like to cook: YouTube has so many recipes out there (you won’t have to spend money), buy a recipe book or two and experiment or take a cooking class.

If you’re in need of a makeover: YouTube has everything from beauty tips to fashion, nail shops are always relaxing and if you’re budgeting, you can purchase finger nail polish and manicure/pedicure tools from the store and pamper yourself.

Sis, God created these things for our enjoyment. So take advantage of them. Relax and rest — besides even God did. ❤️

Comment below and let me know how you plan to take better care of yourself!

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