Men Who Just Don’t Get it !

It happened again. 

The unwanted approach.

This time was different, though. 

I was headed into the grocery store when I was stopped by two thirsty guys in a pickup truck. Lust filled their eyes as they tried to persuade me to come and talk to them. With disgust in my eyes, I yelled, “No. I’m married!” But that wasn’t a good enough response for them..

“I am too!” he responded while licking his lips and rubbing his chin. 

“Well, I’m faithful to mine!” I responded as I hastily walked into the store. 

I wish I could say that I was okay after that moment. But truth is, I was not. I was afraid. Anxiety filled my mind and within seconds, I had lost track of my purpose for being the store — out of fear that they were there. I hid myself in between aisles — even bumping into a stranger — to avoid being seen by the two guys. At this point, My whole intention was just to make it back to the car safely, without being seen.

After minutes of secretly hiding in a public grocery store, I noticed a steady flow of traffic amongst the customers — entering and exiting the double doors.

At that moment, I immediately said to myself, “I can blend it and make it out of those doors and the guys won’t even notice.”

So, I made a frantic sprint across the store; as the cashiers watched, and attempted to blend in with the ongoing traffic.

I had made it safely out of those doors. The next step was to cross the street and make it inside of the car. I anxiously turned my head, nearly, every step of the way until I made it to my car — parked right next to a pickup truck.

My heart dropped.

“Oh God! That’s the truck.”

In that moment, I wanted to turn right back around, but something would not let me. No matter how terrified I felt, I was not going to allow fear to push me into a corner. I had had enough! I pulled out my car keys, unlocked my door, got into my car, put on my seatbelt, and waited. Moments later, I drove off — unharmed. Praise Jesus!

Sn: The truck did not belong to the two guys.

I know this may seem strange to some, but this has been a battle that I have faced since my youth — aggressive guys with little understanding of the word “NO”. And, even as an adult, I still find myself in situations where some guys refuse to be turned down — even when I tell them that I am married. It’s disgusting, especially when some make jokes that they are married too…

They should read Matthew 5:27-28.

I often ask myself, “What has society come to? Where are our morals? Where is the respect for others?”

Have you experienced anything like this? If so, how did you handle it? What advice would you give to your younger self or another woman who is dealing with this type of attention or “catcalling” (as some would say)? 

Please let us know in the comments.

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